Traditional and Contemporary Gift Themes for Wedding Anniversaries

With wedding anniversaries an important cultural occasion in every relationship, Carol Provan has compiled a detailed list of both traditional and contemporary themes (where applicable) associated with each anniversary year should you be in search of gift ideas.

1st Anniversary:
– Paper (traditional)
– Clocks (contemporary)

2nd Anniversary:
Cotton (traditional)
China (contemporary)

3rd Anniversary:
Leather (traditional)
Crystal/Glass (contemporary)

4th Anniversary:
Flowers/Fruits (traditional)
Appliances (contemporary)

5th Anniversary:
Wood (traditional)
Silverware (contemporary)

6th Anniversary:
Sugar/Candy (traditional)
Wood (contemporary)

7th Anniversary:
Wool (traditional)
Desk Sets (contemporary)

8th Anniversary:
Bronze (traditional)
Linens/Lace (contemporary)

9th Anniversary:
Pottery (traditional)
Leather (contemporary)

10th Anniversary:
Tin (traditional)
Diamond Jewellery (contemporary)

11th Anniversary:
Steel (traditional)
Fashion Jewellery (contemporary)

12th Anniversary:
Linen/Silk (traditional)
Pearls (contemporary)

13th Anniversary:
Lace (traditional)
Textiles/Furs (contemporary)

14th Anniversary:
Agate (traditional)
Gold Jewellery (contemporary)

15th Anniversary:
Crystal (traditional)
Watches (contemporary)

16th Anniversary:
Silver Hollowware (traditional)

17th Anniversary:
Furniture/Watches (traditional)

18th Anniversary:
Porcelain/Cat’s-Eye (traditional)

19th Anniversary:

20th Anniversary:
China (traditional)
Platinum (contemporary)

21st Anniversary:
Brass/Nickel (traditional)

22nd Anniversary:
Copper (traditional)

23rd Anniversary:
Silver Plate (traditional)

24th Anniversary:
Musical Instruments (traditional)

25th Anniversary:
Silver (traditional)

26th Anniversary:
Original Pictures (traditional)

27th Anniversary:
Sculpture (traditional)

28th Anniversary:
Orchids (traditional)

29th Anniversary:
New Furniture (traditional)

30th Anniversary:
Pearl (traditional)
Diamonds (contemporary)

31st Anniversay:
Timepieces (traditional)

32nd Anniversary:
Conveyances (traditional)

33rd Anniversary:
Amethyst (traditional)

34th Anniversary:
Opal (traditional)

35th Anniversary:
Coral (traditional)
Jade (contemporary)

36th Anniversary:
Bone China (traditional)

37th Anniversary:
Alabaster (traditional)

38th Anniversary:
Beryl/Tourmaline (traditional)

39th Anniversary:
Lace (traditional)

40th Anniversary:
Ruby/Garnet (traditional)

41st Anniversary:
Land (traditional)

42nd Anniversary:
Improved Real Estate (traditional)

43rd Anniversary:
Travel (traditional)

44th Anniversary:
Groceries (traditional)

45th Anniversary:
Sapphire (traditional)

46th Anniversary:
Original Poetry Tribute (contemporary)

47th Anniversary:
Books (contemporary)

48th Anniversary:
Optical Goods (contemporary)

49th Anniversary:
Luxuries (contemporary)

50th Anniversary:
Gold (traditional)

55th Anniversary:
Emerald/Turquoise (traditional)

60th Anniversary:
Diamond (traditional)

65th Anniversary:
Diamond (traditional)

70th Anniversary:
Platinum (traditional)

75th Anniversary:
Diamond (traditional)

80th Anniversary:
Diamond/Pearl (contemporary)

85th Anniversary:
Diamond/Sapphire (contemporary)